Public/cataloged books not appearing in Directory

We currently have 12 publicly available books in our catalog (, but only 8 are appearing in the Pressbooks Directory (Pressbooks Directory). We’re currently set to exclude non-cataloged books from the Pressbooks directory, but I’ve never changed that setting. Am I missing some additional step that’ll get those missing 4 books into the Directory?


Hi @ewjerome, I just looked into this. Our fetcher (the tool that we run every hour to get Directory updates) consistently runs into an error when it tries to update records for your network, which appears to be related to how your server’s SSL configuration. When I ran a SSL test on your network, I saw a 'This server’s certificate chain is incomplete.` warning: SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs). You may want to ask your sys admin to look into and fix this, at which point, I think our fetcher will be able to successfully update records for your network again.

In case it’s helpful, the fetcher call throws a “Runtime.UnhandledPromiseRejection” exception and the error message reads: “Error: unable to verify the first certificate”. This might be helpful for your colleague? node.js - Error: unable to verify the first certificate in nodejs - Stack Overflow

I’m also noticing that your API endpoints include http:// links rather than https:// links for all book URLs:
Screenshot from 2021-11-15 12-38-44

I suspect you’ll want to switch to force https for all traffic/URLs on your network.

Thanks, Steel.

Our sysadmin says that he’s put in a “weaker certificate”, but it doesn’t look like anything has been updated in the Directory. Do you have any other thoughts?

Hi @ewjerome – sorry for slow response. I’m seeing 12 books from your network, and they do look like they’re updating again now. Do these look like the books you’re expecting with the most recent updates present? Pressbooks Directory

Hi @SteelWagstaff - It’s a busy time of year, so no apologies necessary. Yes! I can now see what I was hoping to see although it took a bit longer than I expected for that to happen after we ade the changes on our end.

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Yeah – that was an issue on our side. We needed to push an updated version of our “Directory Fetcher” and just got that out this week.