Where can I set the Default PDF Page Size as Network Admin

In the network manager’s guide Configure Network Options – The Pressbooks Network Manager's Guide I read, that I can set a Default PDF Page Size.

But on the …/wp-admin/network/settings.php I do not see such a setting. I only see the also mentioned default theme selector.

I am using Aldine 1.14.1 and Pressbooks 5.35.0

Hi @t.dumm like several other of the tools described in the network manager guide, that feature is currently only included in a premium plugin available to enterprise clients. In case it’s helpful to know, this feature works by running update_site_option( 'pb_pdf_page_width_default', DESIRED_VALUE ) and update_site_option( 'pb_pdf_page_height_default', DESIRED_VALUE ). These values are then used to set the defaults when new books are created. See pressbooks/class-pdfoptions.php at a4af9d30cdf2933ac087058a61c6d1910be3589b · pressbooks/pressbooks · GitHub

Thank you, @SteelWagstaff for the info.