Transifex issue


i can just find

did you @dac.chartrand change the place of the translations? or i do something wrong?

i would like to translate it to Georgian and I do not find it.



I didn’t change anything. @SteelWagstaff might have.

I right clicked your link and opened in a Chrome incognito window. No account. No cookies. Works for me.

Pressbooks is here:
McLuhan is here:
And so on… GitHub repo name generall matches Tranisifex name.

Can you clarify “i can just find?” In french this translates to “Je peux trouver” … What is it you are trying to find? (or not find?!)



I can not acces to:

Pressbooks is here:
McLuhan is here:

is like I´m out of the translation team. I can not see the translations I did in the past.

I just can open :

I will send the new invitation to Georgian (the language I do require for now). And in the future I will send to all the languages we did translate if we have to update the tranlation.



Hi @colomet, I inadvertently made a change that affected the way our projects were assigned to teams in Transifex. Thank you for pointing it out to me – I believe it has now been fixed. Can you confirm that things are working for you as expected again?


now, looks like it works. thanks