Theme support for automatic numbering of tables/figures

I just stumbled across a very clever, very clean way to provide automatic numbering for figures/tables/HTML elements: I think this might be especially valuable for textbooks and other kinds of standardized publications, where having numbered ‘figures’ or ‘tables’ might be desirable. Has anyone implemented in a Pressbooks theme or interested in trying to add (either as default behavior or through a theme option)?

Hi @SteelWagstaff, we use CSS counters for chapter numbering in PDF outputs (possibly for other things but definitely there). So this could certainly be a useful technique for other elements too. The problem is that EPUB/MOBI have (at best) incomplete support for CSS counters so this solution would only work on web/in PDF.

Definitely worth exploring though!

If you’d like to open an issue for this that would be a good place to start further discussion on how to implement.



Just curious if this feature can be used and how would one do so?