Theme loading issues

Pressbooks v. 5.6.5
Open Textbooks Version: 2.1.5
McLuhanVersion: 2.4.3

I originally posted about this in the Editing category because I thought it was a smaller issue, but I now think it’s a larger server side issue and my local admin is not very well versed in PB so he could not help. Here is the original post.

None of my themes appear to be loading. All my books look the same, even with different themes.

This book currently has McLuhan activated but has none of the styling info.

This book has Open Textbooks activated and has no discernible styling info.

Could be a simple thing on the admin side I’m missing or a server side thing. If it is a server-side issue, I will need to pass it on to my local server admin because I do not have access.

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