TablePress Custom Text Color in Digital PDF Exports

I’m working on creating an instructor copy of a laboratory manual, The instructor copy chapters are not publicly viewable in the web book at the moment. For the instructor copy I make the text of all filled-in answers be italicized and “indigo” in color. I used the span command described here to stylize individual cells, It worked fine for web book/preview of each chapter, but when I export the book as a PDF for digital distribution the stylized text is no longer blue, but it does stay italicized. The custom CSS I added within the TablePress plugin is as follows:

.tablepress .tableanswer-1 {
	color: #333399;
	text-decoration: italic;

An example of code added to individual cells is as follows:

<span class="tableanswer-1"><em>cell text</em></span>

To apply changes for your exports, you may need to add this custom CSS not in the TablePress plugin (which will only affect the webbook) but using thePressbooks Custom CSS feature. There are separate sheets for web and PDF exports. See Customizing your Exports with Custom Styles – Pressbooks User Guide for details.

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This worked perfectly. Thanks, @SteelWagstaff!

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