Search and import: Do we need it?


I like Search and Import from Pressbooks Texbooks. I believe we need to do more work, but the idea is cool. PBTB allow us to search a Book or a Page in the installation or another installation, and import to our book. I believe is a great idea if we whant to follow the 5r framework and to allow to edit a version of the content by other users (my content is open, that´s why I use that).

That feature is not really important in a normal book, but really important in educacion, because it helps to create new educacional content for a new purpose (of course first is necesary a network of books, but one step at a time).

I do really need, that´s why I will use PBTB, but maybe we could integrate in PB and make it better.

Search and import: my suggestions

Our plan is to do exactly this within the next little while.


I don´t use PBTB but i would like to use the search and import.
Thas is one of those funcionalities that can be use it as an independent plugin? and to extend (if is necesary) with all the tools about seach, import and maybe cloning of books


I’m not sure what your question is. I am going to be working on integrating API-related functions more closely into Pressbooks core over the summer, which will involve bringing sharing and cloning capability into its own module (which may be a plugin or part of core—TBD).