Put 'Preface' before table of contents?


Is there any way to put ‘Preface’ before the table of contents? Setting the content type to “Epigraph” or “Dedication” does it but the text is getting reformatted.

Any help is great appreciated.

@ghemachandar We follow Chicago rules for ordering front matter (see Create and Edit Front Matter – Pressbooks User Guide). The only other option I think you have at present is to use the ‘before title page’ front matter type, but that will but the preface before the title page as well. Probably not what you’re looking for.

In that case, maybe I can set the content type to “Dedication” and restyle the text (using CSS) to normal page text.

@SteelWagstaff , any idea if setting that content type to Dedication would cause a problem on eBook readers? Like, the readers identifying the text as dedication and skip navigating to it?