Proposed Change To Book Download Tracking


We’re making a change to book download tracking. I’m aiming to squeeze it into 5.7.0. We’ll be changing a Google Analytics event from:




Link to pull request » (via @SteelWagstaff)

For us: It’s a trivial change, the customers we support want this, it’s an improvement, etc. This code has a filter: pressbooks_download_tracking_code. Others can remove our change.

@brad @bryan @rootl and other open source users (possibly) using this. Do you see a reason why this would break things (that you can’t fix with the filter)? Pinging because the code was moved around (originally in the pressbooks plugin, now pressbooks-book) and I don’t remember the history behind book downloads / book download tracking.

Thanks for your input.


thanks for checking in Dac - the filter is a good remedy for the proposed change