Pressbooks Directory for Open Source Users

Hi! I’m just curious if there might be intentions to add Open Source users and materials to the Pressbooks directory? Just investigating this all now. Thanks!

Hi @erikarydberg, yes we’d love to! We have a few open source (self hosted) networks included now and I’ve been emailing with several other network managers that we know about to gauge interest and make sure that they have the necessary pieces in place on the operations level for us to be able to ingest their books. I’m sure there are some networks we’ve missed. If you send me contact info for whomever maintains the network in question, I’m happy to start that conversation to get those books added/indexed.

Thank you - this is a huge thing I think for Pressbooks. Sorry for the multiple ways of messaging I maintain the front end elrydberg(at)plymouth(dot)edu and my colleague Hyung Park hjpark(at)plymouth(dot)edu is on the backend management.

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