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There are many Pressbooks advertising objects across my Pressbooks site that is dedicated to OER. This creates a cognitive dissonance for endusers, as the Pressbooks software is free and open source, as is my site content. Hence, is there a way to dismiss or remove the Pressbooks advertising?
In example:

Thank you.
Steve Swettenham
Pioneers of Online Learning in Alberta

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Since PB 6.1 there is a setting “CTA Banner” at the very end of the network settings page that allows to remove the note that you show.

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I’ve never been able to find this option in network settings; I feel like I’m going crazy.

@allisonbrown and @sswettenham the option to remove the banner CTA on books is available on the ‘Network Settings’ page, which unrestricted super admins can view at: https://YOURNETWORKURL/wp-admin/network/settings.php. It looks like this:

If you’re a network manager on a Pressbooks-hosted network, you likely won’t see that page as you’re not an unrestricted super admin. If you want it removed for all books on your network, contact premium support and we can remove it for you.

If you’re not a super admin or network manager and want to remove it from a single book you’ve written, you can do it with custom CSS. See Pressbooks Product Updates [September 2022]

We also created a network-level option to suppress the banner CTA that we recently added to help educate users about how they can clone and adapt openly licensed content. Readers who don’t want to see the CTA can simply dismiss it by clicking the X; authors who want to suppress the CTA on their books can do so with a simple ‘display: none’ custom CSS declaration, and network managers who want to suppress the CTA on all books on their network can now do so with a simple network-level theme option. Clients who would like assistance with removing the CTA on their networks are invited to contact premium support.

Thanks so much, Steel!

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