Metadata when replacing images

Hi Pressbooks community!

This (roughly) metadata related question has come to me from an instructor using Pressbooks for course materials.

Is there a convenient way to replace the figure with a new graphic while saving the metadata? …it was quite a challenge previously, as we often made several small tweaks to a figure.

I know that images can be easily replaced, but that also replaces that accompanying metadata. If you know of any solution, or have a creative idea, I would love to hear it! I think preserving the image description and alt text would be of most interest.

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Hi @MichelleB this WordPress plugin can be installed and network enabled for a Pressbooks network to do what you describe: Enable Media Replace – WordPress plugin | We don’t make it, but have used it for several of the networks that we host for institutions.

Hooray! Thanks for always saving the day @SteelWagstaff :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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