It would be great, to have a select all and deselect all on the organize page


Often one wants to include only one chapter in the exported files for customcss development or for tweaking of page breaks before going back to selecting all chapters for the full book export.


Thomas–would this existing issue cover the use case you had in mind: If not, feel free to comment on the open issue or add a new on in the GitHub ideas forum.


@t.dumm is this what you mean?


(as in, that works – do you need something different?)


Thanks @hughmcguire! @t.dumm, the method Hugh just referenced will work for quick selecting/deselecting all chapters in a given part, and would simply need to be repeated for each of the book’s parts. It’s not a true ‘bulk edit’ but it’s pretty good. You may also be interested in using the view source option available in book diagnostics, which will allow you to view what’s essentially an XHTML based preview of a PDF export without having to actually create a PDF export. See section 5 of this chapter in our guide for more details:


Thank you @hughmcguire and @SteelWagstaff! @hughmcguire: yes, I am referring to the view and the location you are indicating in the sreenshot. A select/deselect all button would be perfect and enough.
@SteelWagstaff: I often use the xhtml preview and the still rather new Diagnostics link to it is very handy. But for many situations you really need the actual epub or pdf to check if you „got it right“.


@t.dumm that feature works now, was shipped a good while ago, not sure when.


OK! I did not realize that the column title is clickable and triggers select/deselect. Maybe a css “tweaking” makes this more obvious. But anyway: Great that the functionality is there.


Hi Thomas–we’re working on some a11y fixes for these ‘secret’ sortable table headers which may include adding a check box or more obvious visual element. You can track one of these issues here: