ISSN use cases?

@colomet has proposed including the ISSN in our default metadata:

I’m not opposed, just interested in other folks’ insights. @brad, @bryan, you have any experience with the ISSN? @hughmcguire?

It’s quite trivial to add fields via third-party plugins right now—see this example:

ISBN is for paper books.

If we have a digital book and it changes often, ISSN is the correc serial number. You can have both, is not a problem, but in a situation where each month the book is update, ISSN is the correct number.

Also is free (but you can charge to the customers if you whant)

ISBN is not just for paper books, see here:

I think the more specific point is that ISSN is the better choice for serialized/frequently updated content. For many users of Pressbooks, however, an ISBN is the better choice.

wrong choice of words. I mean for tipical books.

ISBN is always better choice (more importance in the CV) as My specific situation is educational books, i have to write many many books, if I have to buy an ISBN for each book, I need too much money.

Besides, I do actualice often (for now). Sure in a point the book have no more changes. In that moment I can have the ISBN and mean time the ISSN (Educational use where the content have updates all the courses or classes).

I believe it could fix better and easy creating the metadata for Education LOM

I hadn’t heard of ISSN until this conversation. Seems like this would be a good thing to have, but I don’t think what’s being proposed would really affect us here at Lumen.

My understanding was that ISSNs are typically issued to periodicals. Would not likely be used very frequently, since Pressbooks is designed mostly for book publishing, but I don’t see how it would hurt to add it to the metadata, personally.

If you write a book, and you change the content each time you start the course or each month you fix a mistake, you have an book for ISSNs (you can have both in one book). A novel, don´t need, but educational books (well, my books are always with mistakes and we update from time to time) can use ISSN. And I really love the price, free :innocent: