Learning Object Metadata LOM - LRMI


I whant to create more metadata. For the full book, for each page …

I believe we could use the BOOK INFO as a base of the metadata. And to add a new place for educational metadata (just in case one school or … need it). It will be easy and symple.

The metadata i would like to create is


I will follow http://cancore.tru.ca/en/ and i will update later to the last versio of LOM.

The idea is to create a plugin just for metadata. Once is finish, if some user need to persoanlice the metadata, it will be easy because it will out of the pressbooks core installation.

I can make it just for me with the information i need or for Pressbooks and spend a litle more time creating all the fields.

It will be necesary to write the data of the metadata in 3 places

  • Metadata for the full installation of PB
  • Metadata of the book
  • Metadata of the page

Example. Not to write just ISBN or ISSN. To have a menu with all the codes we could need.


I would like to open up a discussion on LRMI vs LOM. My assessment of the educational metadata world is that LRMI is a newer standard that is better supported and recognized. I would support an initiative for LRMI integration, but would need to be convinced of the future value of LOM. Here is some background information on LRMI:

  1. https://creativecommons.org/2013/05/05/lrmi-accepted-into-schema-org/
  2. https://schema.org/EducationalAudience
  3. http://lrmi.dublincore.net/impact/for-educators-learners/

Some basic injection of LRMI is built into PBT Open Textbook theme - https://github.com/BCcampus/pressbooks-textbook/blob/dev/themes-book/opentextbook/functions.php#L66
And Google recognizes the LRMI metadata https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool#url=https%3A%2F%2Fopentextbc.ca%2Fgeography

It would be great to see this expanded/become more robust.


I believe you are right, time ago since we did create our metadata and now I´m a litle lost.

That is the list of item from LRMI ?


Is not too litle? or we can make it better just with schema.org

I do not really care, my problem is i would like to have as much metadata as possible (some of the metadata is automatic some by hand). I would like to have the possibility to create metadata for the site, for the book and for the page.


Any ideas about that?

during the last days, I was readyng how LOM works and i really like how complete is and wich vocabulary we could use and is pretty exhaustive.

How can we do something simmilar with LRMI?

((If I´ not wrong, now I think I remember we did use LRMI in our theme))


Maybe we could find the LOM properties and find the Schema version of all of them and create our own version of LOM. Is that a good idea?


I´ going to start the creation of one plugin about the medatada for PB. It will be a first version and as open and general as possible. after that, we will see how we continue.

Maybe in the future we can integrate in the core the Metadata plugin and allow a easy system of modules for specifical educational situations.

Now, the plugin will have no options for each propertie, just an empty space where we could write the information. Like: typicalAgeRange will have an empty space where we have to write the years of the students. Like now is book info. But in the future, the plugin will create more options for the general properties, like languguage of the resource. Now, the user have to write the name of the language, as in the future it can be a Drop Down because no matter the educational purpose of the book, languages are langauges and all we need to choose the langauge of the book.

In the future we could create modules for diferent educational purposes. Mine will be about adults education, after the activation, instead of an empty space, the user will be able to choose between diferent ranges o ages.

other user, could modify the module and change the values. In one administrator panel the user with some modules installed, will be able to choose the educational purpose of the book activating one module or another. In the end the values of each propoertie will be different upon the activate module.

But I believe we need to create a new page for the metadata. Book info is not a place, because it can bee too complicate for the users. By default the people will write in book info, and if exist that propertie as a book info title, the users will not need to write it twice.

@ned, what do you think?


I’m not clear as to why you would want to create another interface for metadata, particularly one that duplicates some (or all) of the functionality of the existing Book Information page rather than simply extending the Book Information page, but I’m probably missing something.


Is not necesary to have two places, but maybe a normal customer (a writer of a normal book) do not need all the metadata the educational autors of books could use. If we create a new space for educational metadata, Book info will be much simple. Or we can create in the botom of Book info with a warming (Just for educational books, not necesary for a normal book), or something like that.


Each time one functionality is in Book info, if we need too in educational metadata, the computer will use the one in Book info, in order to avoid duplications. In educational metadata we will have just the data the users write in book info.


That can be done by writing a plugin that just adds more fields to the Book Information page. See this example, which you can put in your /wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder: https://gist.github.com/greatislander/6428f1cb4e1a3fadeae7206872b1c038


In terms of moving this forward, it would be helpful to:

  1. Come to a consensus on whether LOM or LRMI is the better spec for this type of metadata.
  2. Identify which LOM/LRMI metadata elements are already present in Book Information.
  3. Itemize the LOM/LRMI metadata elements which need to be added.

@brad Is it be possible to change the way you’ve implemented LRMI in Pressbooks Textbook so that this call is applied to any theme, not just the Open Textbook theme? That way users of the Pressbooks Textbook plugin could get the LRMI output no matter which theme they use.


LRMI have not too much fields. I´m starting to make the relashionshipt between LOM and SCHEMA. I would like to extend the fields of LRMI as much as LOM. I start today, I will show you something the next monday.


We don´ need all of them (about LOM but we need to extend LRMI). The problem I see is, that is too much focus in education, what about the writers of normal books. They will just not to use it?

Also I would like to extend the metadata of the Page too, not just in Book info. And I don´ know if a normal writer will have problems with that.


As per my post above, you can implement this within a plugin that educational users can install which will add these fields to Pressbooks.


ok. Perfect. I think as a plugin will be much easy to extend.

I´m asking just in case.


If seo by yoast plugin do not need changes in the theme, maybe we can do something simmilar
like here and i think here


@hughmcguire the metadata now is by default :

As we spoke the last day, we are creating a plugin for extend the metadata. We use for education but we will do as neutral as posible, where if somebody do not use pressbooks for education, could use it anyway.

Now, by default, the
audience = Student
educationalUse = Open textbook study
interactivityType = mixed
learningResourceType = textbook

For me is perfect, but, we do not give fredom to other people to chose other options. I think is better to have such fields as the other data, in order to alow to choose other options. what do you think?