Importing removes colored textboxes

I’m trying to take five pre-existing PressBooks (which I had developed for five different courses) and combine them into one new PressBook. When I tested importing a chapter from one of the old books, it imported the text and audio files, but it got rid of the colored textboxes (Examples, Exercises, Learning Objectives, etc.). Is there a way to preserve that part of the formatting when importing? I have more than 150 chapters I need to import and would really prefer not to have to start from scratch with the formatting or just build up the pages from scratch again.

I would greatly appreciate any help or ideas!

Hi @afleming the styling for these chapters is typically controlled/provided by the book theme you’re using. The markup for the textboxes will be identical, but each theme has its own styling for displaying the textboxes. Several themes will also let you override the default colors for the different types of custom textboxes in ‘Appearance’ → ‘Theme Options’ → ‘Global Options’.

What was the theme of the old book and what is the theme of the new book? If you have links for either that are available on the public web, that’s also be really helpful for anyone who wanted to help you troubleshoot.

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Hi @SteelWagstaff, thanks for the reply! I discovered what the problem was. A student worker of mine had added some custom styles to the original books without me knowing, so I didn’t know those had to be added into the new PressBook.

Thanks for your help!