Image fails to export in PDF

I’m new to PressBooks and this forum and climbing the learning curve. I have a chapter that includes a photo. The image does not appear in PDF export files. I have no idea what the problem could be. The image is right-aligned and includes a caption.

I would include the code from the text page, but don’t know how to code it to appear as simple text rather than displaying within this post. Obviously it’s correct.

This line appears between two paragraphs. I tried changing image alignment, but the image is still missing from the PDF.

I’ll appreciate any help anyone can give.

Hi Ritergal – welcome to the open source user’s forum! This doesn’t sound like anything I’ve seen before, so I don’t have any immediate ideas. Are you able to share a link to the web version of the chapter where the issue is occurring for you?

Before I saw your reply I began fiddling with the file again. It no longer exported at all, so I deleted the image, deciding to upload it again and start over. At this point I am unable to find the button to insert the image. I’ve done it before, though I have no idea how I managed to do it. It was far from simple!

I’ve poured over the instructions in the User Guide, Chapter 70. My interface does not look like that one. I have only one image in my library, and when I click on it to select it, the Edit Image window opens. The panel on the right includes many more options below the attachment display settings, and it does not include an alignment option. Perhaps I’m using an updated version. At any rate, the only options are to view attachment page, edit image, or delete permanently.

I’ve looked at the text edit view and see no tracks of the image. It’s all straight text. However, I suspect some code lurks somewhere that things the image is still in the document, so I’m only able to update it, not insert it. I did upload it again, and I deleted the original version.

At this point, since the document is only one page and lots of things seem to be messed up, I’m going to delete the entire project and start over. Hopefully that will set things straight.

I am excited about PressBooks, which my library system has subscribed to, and determined to learn so I can coach others. I’ve self-published many books and know how to do all this stuff with my eyes shut in Word. I’ll figure it out, and I’ll probably be back. Thank you for being here!

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Good luck, @Ritergal itergal. Sorry it’s been so complicated in the initial learning stage. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it soon and hopefully it’ll feel like second nature for you as it does it Word before too long!

Well, haha, the joke’s on me. I failed to see the Add Media button at the top of the page and was stuck on the sidebar Media button that leads only to the library. YouTube finally switched on the light. I deleted that demo project from hell and things are fine with a new one.

Yes, frustrating as heck, but typical learning curve stuff. Thanks for the reassurance. I’ll probably be back with other questions.