Gutenberg and a11y

Here are a few links to information about Gutenberg and a11y:

Report on the Accessibility Status of Gutenberg

In the short term, we hope to resolve all accessibility issues that are true barriers to the use of Gutenberg. In the long term, we hope to improve the integration of accessibility into all future WordPress design processes.

and NCSU recommends not switching yet…

Hope this is helpful information to share @ned and @jhung and @SteelWagstaff and @zoe


Thanks @jmitchell! We’ve been tracking this closely. Also relevant, WPCampus—an organization of WordPress in higher education users, developers, etc— has put out on RFP for an third-party accessibility audit of Gutenberg.

At this point we will be deactivating Gutenberg within Pressbooks until further notice. I’ll be publishing a blog post about this soon.

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Wonderful! Thanks @ned for keeping your keen eye on this

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I’m curious what the status of this is?

At some point, will Pressbooks switch to a Block based editor?

My current perception is that the status quo will just stay until some compelling feature appears in Gutenberg (simultaneous multi author editing?) that would be worth switching for. Is that mostly correct?

Hi @beckej – we’re still monitoring the ongoing work to fix and improve the many a11y issues identified with Gutenberg: We haven’t made any plans to change out the default editor for Pressbooks users. It’s not something we’re likely to do any time in the near future.

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That’s what I figured. Thanks Steel!