Formatting problem - paragraph automatically added


it’s possible to remove automatic formatting of content. I have troubles, as it adds p tag automatically to my content.

I also removed filter, but with no luck.
remove_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’ );


Hi @atlet, I’ve never tried removing WordPress’ autop from Pressbooks (which creates custom post types for parts, chapters, & front/back matter, but perhaps the approach described here will be helpful?

Hi @SteelWagstaff thanks for fast reply. Solution was to comment out line 197 in file pressbooks/hooks.php.

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I recall years ago there was a WP plugin to override WordPress autop. Is that something that can be blessed for systemwide use? If I had the same problem as the OP, I would not have access to editing the PHP in the templates.

No plugin will work, as is hardcoded in PressBook plugin. :frowning: