[Feature request] H5P activity replace feature

It seems there is no replace function in H5P edit window. Currently only delete and update buttons available. It would be great to have a replace feature there keeping the ID number of activity. This way we would not have to correct the ID number of H5P activities in every page where the activity is used. Because if we add an updated H5P file, pressbook will give a different ID which we can’t edit.

Hi @demiralp that is an interesting idea, but one we have no real control over at Pressbooks. I think you’d need to file this as a feature request with the folks who make the H5P plugin for WordPress. You can file an issue here: GitHub - h5p/h5p-wordpress-plugin: Adds support for H5P Content in WordPress. or suggest it in their community forum at Forums | H5P

Hi, @SteelWagstaff. Thanks for the suggestion. I filed a feature request on h5p-wordpress-plugin issue tracker as you suggested. Fingers crossed :slight_smile: