Display issues with QuickLaTeX

Aloha- We use QuickLaTeX for more control over markup brought in from other environments like Overleaf. We have an instructor who is doing just that, but for the first time the LaTeX is not being displayed in the way we expect.

Including the [latex][/latex] shortcodes in the page itself only allows some markup to be displayed properly.

When using the insert LaTeX equation button in the rich text editor of a page, the LaTeX is rendered properly! But there seems to be a character limit in what is displayed, despite all the text content being included in the page when inspected in the browser. We can’t use this method for an entire chapter of content, it seems.

We updated our Pressbooks instance over the holiday break, and see no changes that might have helped.

Appreciate any ideas ya’ll might have.


hi @wmeinke in the screenshot you’ve included it looks like it’s trying to render the entire page in LaTeX – 'm guessing that this is someone who is used to using LaTeX as a textx formatting tool for their entire documents? If you’re doing this with WP QuickLaTeX I think that means it’s going to take your whole text, send it to the WP QuickLaTeX service and return an image and try to render your WHOLE PAGE as an image, which is probably not what you want for an accessible web reading experience. I’d recommend only using LaTeX to render your math expressions that can’t be rendered normally or accessibly with standard characters in the text. There’s no reason why the first sentence in the paragraph above ‘The world of mathematics begins with a study of numbers and how they appear in the world around us.’ needs to use LaTeX for typesetting, for example. They’d only need to place LaTeX syntax indicators around math expressions like a/b or b does not equal 0 Does that make sense?

That does make sense, Steel. Thanks!

My impression is that yes, the instructor is using LaTeX in Overleaf to typeset and create content. This sounds like there would be a fair amount of hunting and modifying text or including shortcodes throughout the document. I’ll check with the instructor and will loop back.

Thanks @SteelWagstaff :call_me_hand:t3:

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