Display affiliations of contributors below their names in chapters

I am editing a book where each chapter has been written by different contributors, and oftentimes the contributors of one chapter have different affiliations (which I would like to show). The end result I am aiming for should look like many papers in academia do, e.g.:

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 14.05.27

Do you have any suggestions on how to do this? I would like to keep the name of the contributors clean for metadata reasons (so adding symbols like * at the end of the contributors’ last names is not an option). One possible option would be to hide the field with the contributor’s name, and then add the names and affiliations like regular paragraphs, but I don’t know how to hide that field:

<p data-type="author">...</p>

Any suggestions?

Hi @lrizquierdo – that’s a tough one. You can target this paragraph by selecting
section.front-matter header [data-type='author'], section.back-matter header [data-type='author'], section.chapter header [data-type='author'] Setting the value to display: none should suppress it from the display. Depending on the theme, there may also be an additional margin-top value applied to section.front-matter header h1 + [data-type='author'], section.back-matter header h1 + [data-type='author'], section.chapter header h1 + [data-type='author'] that you’d also want to handle.

In terms of a better long-term solution, the contributor taxonomy currently does have a description field, but we don’t currently make use of or display it. That would be a good idea for a future feature request. I’m sorry we don’t have a good workaround for you at present.

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As quick, knowledgeable and helpful as always Steel! That solves our problem. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!

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