Combine two books

I have created two books in Pressbook.

I wanted to combine these two book into a single book.

What I did,

I cloned the first book, and imported the second book, but while importing the book the chapters gets mixed up with the first book.

How do I import the second book that precedes the last chapter of the first book.

Or any other idea, how I can combine two books that precedes one after the other.

Hi @johnpeterm did you try importing from HTML, choosing import from URL and entering the URL of the desired book(s)? Screenshot from 2020-03-31 20-27-09

If you do this, it should let you choose the chapters you want to include from the other Pressbooks titles in question. I believe they’ll generally be included in the book in order of import, but can then be moved/rearranged using the organize tools.

Thank you @SteelWagstaff this method has worked and it helped save time.

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