Change logo/branding on webbook

Hi! I’m new here, so hopefully I am asking in the right place. Please feel free to redirect me!

I am running PB on my own WordPress site. I want to change the colors and logo at the top left of a webbook. I have read here in the forum that it can be done, but I can’t figure out how/where to do it.

In WP there is normally a “customizer” for making minor global changes like that. But in PB, there are theme modifications, but the global colors and logo seem to be fixed and unchangeable.

I can edit CSS…but the CSS for the logo is a ton of SVG code, which I would prefer not to dig into. I’d really like to just upload a quick image file somewhere (yes, I want to cheat!)

I have looked at github, the Pressbooks documentation, knowledge base, and forum, but cannot find instructions on how to change the logo and color scheme.

I could just copy the Jacob child theme and change it, I suppose…but I was rather hoping for something a little less intensive.

I’d be grateful for a nudge in some direction. :sunflower:

Almost forgot to mention, that I also ran across this post which indicates that SVG makes Google unhappy, so I am not feeling too sorry about wanting to cheat an use an image :wink:

We did modify a litle the header of wordpress, so now we have our own logo and …

you can take a look here

Thank you @colomet! Did you make these modifications in a child theme (copy a PB child theme) or did you modify the PB child theme directly?

I would be inclined to create a new child theme but would be concerned about modifications/updates. This would seem to be a problem in both cases, since any updates to PB child themes would not be applied. (I haven’t ever tried to create a child of a child…?)

I did start to do my own modifications from one Pressbooks child theme.

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I am THRILLED to have just discovered that I can change the color scheme of the entire site by using the standard WP “Customizer” at the Network admin level!

On the Network Admin, go to Appearance >> Customize and boom! you can change colors and logo without mucking around in code or making a child theme!

Apologies if this is a well known fact and I missed it somewhere. But I just discovered it and I’m in a time crunch on this project, so I am very pleased :wink:

Hi @kalico glad you’re getting things figured out with Pressbooks. These two guides might be useful for you as you start encountering other issues: & See for the very question you were asking earlier.

Thank you @SteelWagstaff! I have been looking at the Guide, but never did see a link to the Network Manager Guide along my travels. I will check it out in depth!

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