Blogdescription "Simple Book Publishing" tagline default?

Hello, We noticed that when books are published, they are given a tagline (visible in the browser tab when looking at an individual book) of “Simple Book Publishing” - so for example, a book called “A Great Book” would show in the browser tab as “A Great Book - Simple Book Publishing”.

I know admins can edit this per book under Network Settings > Edit Book > Settings > Blogdescription field, but is there a way to change this default value sitewide, so that when new books get published they have something else there by default? We just don’t want it to say “Simple Book Publishing” and would rather not have to manually edit each book upon publishing to say something else.

Thanks so much in advance for your help. I’m happy to submit this as a feature request some other way if that’s preferred/needed?


Hi @Lauren_Magnuson1 we have this as an issue in our product backlog, but haven’t gotten around to building a network level option for this yet. Thanks for adding your voice – we’ll bump this up in priority a bit as a result!

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Right on @SteelWagstaff thank you so much! Totally understand thee are higher priorities out there, but I definitely appreciate the info and if there’s anything else I can do to support this request, let me know, thank you!!!