Better Plugin Recommendations

I just discovered this plugin, which replaces the contents of the Recommended tab of the WordPress plugin installer with a curated list served from a lightweight API:

This is a perfect method for us to highlight plugins which have been developed for Pressbooks or confirmed to work properly with it, and to improve plugin discoverability for users setting up their own Pressbooks networks.

My inclination is to integrate the functionality of this plugin into Pressbooks core (having to install a plugin so that you can find plugins to install seems less than intuitive). Thoughts? @hughmcguire @SteelWagstaff @brad @bryan?

Sidenote: I’ve already set up a server for recommended Pressbooks plugins (so far it includes Pressbooks mPDF, Pressbooks Textbook and Hypothesis). If you want to see it in action you can install the Better Plugin Recommendations plugin, then add the following to wp-config.php:

define( 'SPP_BPR_API_HOST', '' );

Not all the plugins we use are on Some are in Github. Maybe to have a list on the superadmin dashboard makes the proces much simple because we can write a link to all the plugins we need also with a description or who is ussing … (also will be much lighter).

The connectivity seems very similar to Pressbooks Textbooks tab for integration of existing sites. However, the plugin you have identified is perhaps more non-specific?

It’s very different, if you’re talking about what I think you are (the Remix Ecosystem provided through Pressbooks Textbook). This is for finding and installing useful plugins.

Understood—but I think using a tool that already exists to discover plugins that are on is a good first step and doesn’t involve reinventing the wheel.

Another option we could have on mind for really related plugins:

We don’t want to clutter the admin with a big list of recommended plugins in the form of a notice, which TGM Plugin Activation does. We’re going ahead with integrating the functionality of Better Plugin Recommendations as originally discussed.