Zotpress developers wanted

We are looking for a developer familiar with ZotPress to make a very small modification. When ZotPress displays citation / displays the bibliography, we would like the citation / bibliography entry to be linked to {url}/ZoteroItemID. The purpose of this modification is so that we can link from ZotPress (running on our WordPress site, https://opendeved.net) to our Kerko instance (https://docs.opendeved.net). Having looked at ZotPress initially, we’ve achieved this using our own plugin (as a quick fix), but we’d now like to switch to ZotPress, because it gives us many more features. We would prefer to achieve this through a setting (for {url}), that would be contributed to the source code (pull request).

hi @taniellemb this is the forum for Pressbooks – we have no affiliation with Zotero or the Zotpress plugin. You might have better luck contacing the plugin’s developer, Katie Seaborn: Contact – Katie Seaborn, or posting in their WordPress.org plugin forum: Zotpress – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org