XML/TEI input

Can Pressbooks accept XML/TEI input? Are any special plugins required?

Thank you!

Hi @JEllenT you can import XML files to Pressbooks using the XML importer: Import – Pressbooks User Guide + Bring Your Content Into Pressbooks – Pressbooks User Guide. This import routine is designed to import the XML files created by WordPress and Pressbooks, specifically, however. You can probably import other flavours of XML, but Pressbooks is not designed to display/render TEI elements, so much of the extra encoding would probably be rendered useless in the Pressbooks output formats. Bob Glushko (Robert Glushko | UC Berkeley School of Information) had a pretty elaborate XML/TEI encoded manuscript that he imported into Pressbooks and published as The Discipline of Organizing: 4th Professional Edition – Simple Book Publishing That may also have been the case with Donald Mastronarde’s (Donald J. Mastronarde | DAGRS) Pressbooks edition of Euripedes Scholia: Euripides Scholia: Scholia on Orestes 1–500 – Simple Book Publishing, though I don’t recall well enough to say for sure. You may want to ask those two authors if they have any extra insight to share? Happy to try to offer more pointers/tips if we had more details about the document you’re trying to import from and what you’re hoping to accomplish through publication?