WP Super Cache Plugin Compatability with Pressbooks

We are considering using WP Super Cache on our Pressbooks install. We run Pressbooks on a RHEL7 server hosted by our college. Pressbooks, PB Textbooks, and WordPress are all at latest versions. We use Custom CSS on most of our books, modified from Luther theme. We WP QuickLaTeX for LaTeX formatting and and PrinceSXML for PDF exports…

Any advice or warnings about caching plugins are appreciated, thanks!

Seconded. We’ve been wondering the same thing but haven’t done much testing yet. WP Quick LaTeX, which we’ve just begun using, recommends it explicitly for performance reasons, which is what got me thinking of it …

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we use wp-rocket and it works fine.

Cache plugins are a problem with multisite, but is not the case with PB.

Wp rocket is Easy, nice and simple.

It is easy to breack the theme if the configuration is wrong, but as we all use the same theme (or base theme) we can use it in a multistie installation and to share the settings from one site to all of them. that is pretty good. otherwise, you need 10000 configurations, one for each site.

We use an nginx FastCGI microcache at the server level (part of Trellis) for front-end caching, and Redis for object caching. I can’t speak to WP Super Cache, but I’ll note that in the Pressbooks context, object caching is just as important as front-end caching — loading books from the database without that kind of optimization can be very slow. If Redis isn’t an option, you might also look at memcached.


I installed memcached on the server, and am trying out the “MemcacheD Is Your Friend” plugin which claims “Memcached via PHP Memcache or Memcached Class Support for WordPress”.