Work for Hire: I need CSS help for a 3x3 table

Does anyone know of someone that I could pay to write the CSS stuff for a 3x3 table?

I spent most of Labor Day week-end (when I wasn’t cleaning the garage) trying to figure it out and I kept getting stuck. I guess I am not familiar enough with CSS.

I am using the Baker theme.

I was able to create the table in under 15 minutes in Microsoft Word, but the HTML/CSS stuff is a lot more finicky.

If so, let me know and I can email the Microsoft Word file to them.

I need to do what I do best - write books!

Thank you.

CSS can definitely be tricky. We don’t offer those kind of services ourselves. You may have better luck asking on a Q&A site like or by putting up a freelance job posting on a site for web freelancers (like or