Wordpress.org for advertising of PB

Maybe is a good idea to have on wordpress.org a version of Pressbooks (even if we do not update often or at all) in order to make possible to discover much more easy the plugin

yes. makes sense. We will find another way to extend the users of PB

I know this might be a little bit of a resurrect, but I’ve been using PressBooks for fictional writing.

From what I’ve seen as a part of the community in my few months is that PressBooks seems rather focused on academia. I think having some focus on fantasy/fiction, or just general novels could be good.

Hitting up the Reddit’s and Stack Exchange’s that focus on world-building could be a great start!

Thanks for suggestion. Most of the users here (in the open source forum) probably are using PB for educational publishing—that’s also true of the folks who pay us to host PB instances for them. However, there has always been (and still is) a pretty large contingent of self-published authors that do use Pressbooks to self-publish their own writing. Most of those users use our pressbooks.com product: https://pressbooks.com/self-publishers/, where you’ll likely find a pretty high number of novelists, including authors of all kinds of genre fiction.

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