Word import


I’m trying to import a Word document in Pressbooks. I made a little word doc with the styles headings. But when I import it on Pressbooks, it doesn’t recognize headings and give a section as “_UNKNOWN”.

I guess we have a missing dependency but I can’t found which one. Do you have any idea ?


I tried it with this little document.
Capture d’écran 2022-11-15 à 09.15.03

When I try to import it, Pressbooks don’t recognize chapters

Capture d’écran 2022-11-15 à 09.16.11

Do you have any ideas ?

That’s weird but it works with Word online. Is it related to my word version ? (v16.66)

I love many things about Pressbooks, but formatting and importing isn’t one of them. When I’m formatting for publication, I do it exactly backwards from the way you do it. I’ll write the original text in PB, and organize my chapters, etc., then copy it over to word and do my formatting there.
Being open sourced there are some fonts and formatting tools not available in PB. This isn’t a failing of PB, just a business tactic MS uses. Most publishers want things like Times New Roman fonts and some structural forms that are tricky or not available to PB users.
I normally use Linux libre for my routine work, and the same problems (only worse) are there.