Woocommerce and pressbooks

does pressbooks work with woocommerce, is it possible to accept payment before reading or downloading digital version and tracking of royalty for the publisher for consuming content…

Membership system with Pressbooks

It requires to integrate PB with RCP (https://github.com/restrictcontentpro/restrict-content-pro/releases), a much simple option than woocommerce.

As PB is a multisite, the activation of RCP would be for the full network, so it will share the settings to all the books: https://docs.restrictcontentpro.com/article/1584-using-restrict-content-pro-with-wordpress-multisite.

  • Also is possible to make the payment in one place for the full installation.

A new theme is necessary, so we can protect content or we can protect the downloads just for members (https://docs.restrictcontentpro.com/article/1595-restricting-content-in-template-files)

The first problem we have is: all the administrators can see the plugin settings. So it requires a way to block to the administrators the RCP settings.

The second problem we have is: just administrators can receive the payment, so a distribution of the payment system is necessary (should work multisite too) in order to pay commissions to the publishers (a place for the bank account information for the publishers is necessary in the profile or book info). (examples; https://easydigitaldownloads.com/downloads/commissions/ - https://wordpress.org/plugins/edd-commission-fees/)

Thank you very much for the reply…appreciate if you could give more information on how to implement this plugin along with payment gateway integration.

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Do you have any steps to follow documents or guide while integrating site with https://es.wordpress.org/plugins/multisite-user-role-sync/

Or could you give an idea how to do, if you have attempted doing this

Time ago since I did test it.

But is pretty easy.

If i´m not wrong, just activate in multisite and each time you change a role it will change in all the sites.

I think you have to do the changes in site 1 if i´m not wrong but i´m not sure, anyway, nothing change.

The people must be able to register in your site, so they will be register users, by default they will be subscriptors (or something if you have a membership plugin). If you whant to have different roles for different situations (use a membership plugin), so each time they role change, it will change in all the books of the installation.

Site 1: pressbook - where books published

Site 2: payment website, say woocommerce or easy digital download

When a user make purchase of from site 2. for book only the book that he made purchase should be available to read.

how to solve this

no. that is not possible in that way. Withouth code modifications, that will not work.

The user role sync, allow you to give acces or not to a specifical role. So, you can create one or several roles and later protect all the sites and just to allow to read it if an user have a specifical role.

So if you have one role (reader) and all the books are protected, once the people pay they receive a role, so later they can read all the books.

You can have several tipe of roles (not too many) and to have groups of books maybe, or some type of limitation.

but you can not use two sites and to sync without code modification.

Thanks for the reply…I think I have to look at how to customize…thank you