Visibility controls in editor - missing password section?

Hi all,

I’m working to replace some iframe elements in some of the active Pressbooks on our network and have run into a snag with previously password-protected pages. Specifically, I’m having trouble finding where the option to view or reset a page’s password:

In practice, this means that I’m not able to preview the pages I’ve tweaked when they are password protected:

Is there a new location for these visibility settings for individual pages, or does this point to a different issue with our installation of 5.0 or the latest themes?

With gratitude,

Hi Naomi,

We temporarily removed these controls for the initial 5.0 release—no error on your part! They will be restored in Pressbooks 5.1 which we’re releasing next Wednesday. Thanks for your patience!

Dear Ned,

Thank you! I’m glad everything is working as expected and grateful for the update.

Best wishes,

FYI, you can track progress on this at the related GitHub issue:

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