Validation Error when Exporting as PDF


I am very new to Pressbooks. My school is using the site to edit/distribute an open textbook. When I go to export our book as a “pdf (for digital distribution)”, I get the following error/log.

[time] => Thu Jun 18 12:03:38 2020
[user] => fdfisher
[site_url] => [](
[blog_id] => 125949
[theme] => Malala
[url] => [](
"status": "failed",
"validation_errors": "Response Code Error (500) downloading document content from supplied url."

I was able to load the xhtml url listed in the log (although it loaded very slowly). The closest thing I could find to this problem on the forums was this post:

Our book is in fact from OpenStax and is quite long (400+ pages), but I couldn’t gleam from that forum post how to fix my problem. I would appreciate any guidance you all can provide! Thank so much!

Well…it now appears to be working for me without any hiccups. Perhaps, this was a server issue?

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