Using JSmol2WP with Pressbooks

We have a number of chemistry folks who are interested in integrating JSmol with some chemistry material under development. JSmol is a javascript/HTML only version of Jmol, a very popular 3D visualization tool used to represent molecules for learning purposes. More on JSmol:
A biochemist at Texas A&M, James (Jim) Hu, has written JSMol2WP, a WP plugin that allows users to display JSmol visualizations (and controls) using WordPress shortcodes (repo at; GitHub repo (not updated to latest version).

We have users that are interested in using this plugin in their Pressbooks projects. A few questions:

  1. Is this something that others are doing/would like to do?

  2. Is this something that could be considered as an addition to/compatible with core Pressbooks use (a la H5P, Tablepress, etc.)?

  3. If yes to #2, how should we proceed with investigating/exploring/testing?

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