Use of LaTex for equations

I had a question regarding the use of LaTex in Pressbooks. I am able to use the automated numbering system for equations using LaTex:

In addition, I have figured out how to add a custom label to equations using the LaTex code, “\tag{D.3.1}”

I am wondering if anyone is aware of a method for using a combination of auto-generated and custom numbering system. The “D.3” above refers to the section and chapter of the book while the final number refers to the equation number. Is there a way to tag equations where that final number is automatically generated, but then I add a section and chapter in front of it? I am hoping to not have to manually edit every equation number if I update or revise a chapter. I have played around with trying to find a solution here, but without success.

I wanted to revisit this question again by offering a bit of clarification. I am hoping to be able to generate an equation tag similar to the following where the final number is autogenerated based on the number of equations in the chapter:

Hi @Rob_Rose, we unfortunately don’t have support for automatic equation numbering with LaTeX yet though it has come up as a feature request in the past. We have a GitHub ticket open for adding this: [Feature] Add support for equation numbering · Issue #32 · pressbooks/pb-mathjax · GitHub. I’ve added a comment with a link to this thread for the tech team to reference.