URGENT: export EPUB not exporting with theme options

Hi, I am just running a 5 book launch for ebooks on amazon. All 5 books have the same settings (for print too).

You can see in the screenshots the settings for all books. You can see in the second screenshot that one file is beautiful and is adding line spaces and the other is indented and looks awful. This is really urgent!!!



I have tried resaving the option, outputting and then resaving, using a different browser (in case of cache!) - I don’t know what to do next!

To be very clear - all books have the same settings saved - 1 outputs correctly in epub, the other 4 don’t…

Hi @Debbie_Jenkins have you checked Appearance > Custom Styles > Your Ebook Styles to see what’s in place for the book that exports as intended vs. the other books? CSS saved here may be causing the different output.

YES: that’s exactly the problem - they are ALL the same and yet they output differently!

5 books, all with the same settings, 1 outputs correctly and the other 4 incorrectly

The working export on the right in your screenshot, The Disconnect Principle, appears to have no CSS saved for EPUB exports specifically (in Custom Styles > Your Ebook Styles) while the export on the left with unwanted indenting does.

the CSS for the other books is to change their colour - I’ll have a look to see if that’s what’s causing the problem - thanks for pointing me in the right direction

thank you, I have fixed my error and they now work - crisis over!!!

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