Upload manuscript

I have recently started my account I am new Could somebody tell me please if it is posible to upload a manuscript to the plataform of PressBooks editing or do I have to write the whole book’s manuscript again???

Hi @stevehambler! Lots of import options for you, including from Word: https://guide.pressbooks.com/chapter/import-from-word-docx/. Good luck!

Hi Steve,

If you are trying to work with a whole book, one of the things that is good to do before you import is work a little bit with the original file BEFORE upload.

So if you have a word document for example, take a look at how Pressbooks will handle and convert the document. For example: Pressbooks will take every Heading 1 and use those to start a new chapter. Taking a minute and looking at the word document in outline format will save you a lot of time later. Make sure that Heading 1s are actually used and only used where you want a new Chapter.

Pressbooks is also designed to encourage accessible web and book design, so you cannot control the size of font for example. If you have places where you have different size fonts to draw attention to something, you may have to consider, should this be a heading, should it just be bolded?

It’s pretty easy to delete an entire book and start over again, so usually on a big import project, I end up doing it several times until I get it mostly the way I want it, then I usually have to go through it one last time and just do a quick doublecheck to make sure nothing got wonky!

Good luck.

Thanks :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: smiley:

Thanks very much so kind and helpfull truly im here for ya