Updating a child theme post-McLuhan

Hello. I have a self-hosted instance of Pressbooks, and about a year ago I wrote a customised theme based on the old Luther theme as pressbooks-book. I would like to update to McLuhan, if only to keep up with current developments.

Am I right in thinking that

  1. McLuhan has to be installed in the directory themes/pressbooks-book ? I find that putting it in any other directory leads to it not being recognised as a book-level theme. The same is true of the old Luther root theme.
  2. only child themes of the one installed in themes/pressbooks-book will show as themes available for books. So it’s not possible to have children of different themes running at the same time.
  3. Luther as a root theme is discontinued? The latest version in github (1.8.3?) is a child theme, and as such it can’t be used as a parent theme.
  4. It seems like the only way to update my site to McLuhan and keep my custom theme is to rewrite the custom theme as a child of McLuhan, so I can’t use my custom theme alongside new McLuhan-based themes until I do that. Is there an alternative I’ve missed?

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.

best wishes, Phil.

Hi Phil, you’re correct on all four points. (One clarification—Luther was never a “root” theme but I think you mean’t parent.) Cheers.

Thanks Ned (and yes, I meant parent)