Unable to save

An administrator for one of our books has lost the ability to save her work. Every time she hits save, the button is either grayed out or takes her to a page that says “This page isn’t working at this time.” I’m unable to replicate the problem – saving works just fine for me. She now has a workaround where she refreshes the page each time she finishes edits and restores the back up, but I’d love to get this resolved for her. Has anyone encountered this before? If so, how did you fix it?

She’s logged out, she’s cleared her cache and cookies, and nothing has changed.


I don’t know what the issue is, but on other Wordpress adjacent projects, I always install the plugin “User Switching” so that I can log in as that specific user and try to replicate issues. It will allow admins to impersonate users and see what things look like from their account.

Hi ewjerome,
I am familiar with Pressbooks and Wordpress (the platform from which Pressbooks is developed). I believe a clue is that using “refresh” browser helps. This seems like a browser cache problem to me. In Wordpress, you have the option to empty the Wordpress caches. I couldn’t find this option in Pressbooks.

I suggest emptying the browser cache. BTW, simply closing and restarting the browser works for some browsers, but doing this will NOT empty the cache for Google Chrome. To empty the cache in Chrome, click on “More tools…”, then “Clear browsing data…”, then make sure all three boxes (browsing history, cookies and site data, cached images and files) under the “Basic” tab are checked. Choose “All Time” in the dropdown menu for “Time Range.” Lastly, click on “clear data.” Doing this may also reset any of your logins (such as Pressbooks admin), so you may need to login again.

Personally, I select all the boxes under the “Advanced” tab to make extra sure everything is cleared. Hope this suggestion helps! :sunglasses:

Thank you! I did not know about this plugin and it’s super helpful for troubleshooting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t replicate the user’s issue, but now I’ve got an additional tool that I can use for future authors/editors.