Translation of the books

I have a question to the community.

I´m going to create a system where I could link a book in one language and a copy of the same book translated into other language. In that way, the readers could change the language of the book pretty easy.

I do work with language books, because of that I just need to translate the chapters without changing the Name of the chapter. Thanks that, the url is the same and it is pretty easy to make relationships between books in different languages.

My question is: If somebody believe that could be good for the community, I could create it as an indenpenden plugin and to extend the ways of relationships in the future, otherwise, I will just integrate with my theme.

let me know if some one of you need something simmilar.

I’d be interested in seeing this as a plugin.

Thanks @colomet

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We’d be interested as well. We have a number of authors interested in internationalizing their content and making multilingual editions available. Some have asked about translation plugins (one wants to use transposh specifically) and I’ve looked into several but haven’t done anything about this. Is definitely something I’d like to explore more in 2018.

We will start with that plugin in March, as we are waiting to see how PB 5.0 is working.

We have several ideas, besides the name of the post, (the example of the top) maybe also if both books have the same content and order but different post names (as they are translated) we can make relationships with the chapter numbers. Also manual relationships.

I would suggest looking at using something like Polylang with Pressbooks, rather than starting from scratch.

We do have a prototype ready, we need some testing but it works with the basic feature that we need it. We will relese in some weeks with some more features.

If i´m not wrong ( i just take a look to one video), Polylang as other translation plugins, works by assign to each page of the book one language. Other translation plugins works for a multisite where 1 book is the original and the other books are the translations. We can not have several original books (if i´m not wrong).

In our situation, We need to have different books and different translations.
I have 5 books, and for each one of the books, i have 10 translations. As we work with books, we need for each book, the same number of pages and some times the same name of the pages (like in my situation), that´s why we can automatice the process. Much more simple than with those plugins.

If somebody have different languages in the same book, Polylang looks like a good option, but not in my case where each book is a different language.

@colomet there’s a clear method in that we should use to implement this:

Basically in the metadata for a book (in one language) we could add links to books in alternate languages via this property. Then the alternate languages would be properly output and linked from the book metadata on the web book.

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Yes, i´m aware of that. thanks

Is the way we are thinking.