To clone a book or a site?


I use a plugin for Cloning the sites in PB.

Why I clone the sites each time I start a book? because I have templates and my writers use to write from a template, we never start from scratch.

In the begining of my project, I need to clone sites because if we import the books from PRESBOOKS XML, the urls are not in the file, the urls are made from the title. Time ago I need to transfer the url too. Maybe we can integrate with the export file the urls. Now i don´ really care in one way or another. but I´m asking if somebody need to import

I´ not sure how it really works as a informatician. I believe to import is more powerful with some modifications (I´ thinking about PB TexBooks search and import) because is less agresive and more flexible

But to clone allow us to create one book, to integrate with more plugins or … and to have a new version of the book with the default configuration.

My question is: should we import a book each time we need to create a new version of an old book, or to clone a site?.

Does somebody believe we need to clone a Site?