Titles with anchor


I don´ remember where, but a few days ago i find a site where each title is a link to the title itself thanks to an anchor in that title.

For education, several times we need to send a link to our student, normally is just a link to one specific page. Later, the student have to make scroll till he find the content. Some times the page is too long or too complex. If each title have an anchor and also the title have a link to the anchor of the title, it is easy to copy and paste the link of that sentence and send it to our students.

It will make much easy to share content between our students. Or to integrate as a feedback with tools of exercises.


Now, I use the anchor in that way

Inside of each box, I write one learning object and each box have a link… From the chain in the corner, the users can copy and paste the link.

But I´ thinking to change that approach.


Maybe something like (https://wordpress.org/plugins/table-of-contents-plus/screenshots/)

but the TOC of the page, instead of being in the header, in a pop up, as the current general TOC.


@colomet, you should be able to configure your WYSIWYG editor to add an anchor button, and use that anchor button to insert anchor files via the WYSIWYG anywhere you like in your books. I currently see an anchor button in my WYSIWYG, for instance. I’m not sure if it’s a core feature of the Pressbooks WYSIWYG or if it was added by Pressbooks Textbook, but it is there for me.


Yes, I know and it works great, but I´m triying to avoid the writers to do such kind of work in my books. As much they touch more possibilities of mistakes. If we automatice the process, maybe is much better.

I believe achors are a great tool for education, it allows to create a link to the key point of the explanation

I did something automattic in my theme, but do not work as it should be and i would like to do it again from scratch and much better and simple.


Perhaps you could test the functionality added by this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins-wp/paragraph-level-ids/?


That is a good one, but I also find https://wordpress.org/plugins/content-anchor-links/

Maybe I can create something more adapted to me from both.


@colomet You may have already found a solution, but I found this plugin quite useful in my book: https://wordpress.org/plugins/add-ids-to-header-tags/. I think it is similar to what you’re looking for.


We did not work with the code of our PB theme in the last weeks. We will take a look these summer once we start to create our new version of our theme.

thanks for the link