Time-Sensitive Issue: Page Break w/ Tables in PDF Exports

I’m attempting to get a PDF export to appear nicely (in terms of content display), but I am having an extremely difficult time getting chapters to retain large(-ish) tables and lists.

It seems the PDF would much rather kick that table to the next page, leaving an almost entirely blank page with only a title at the top.

Any advice on how to get the PDF export to stop producing all this extra blank space when it encounters tables, etc.?



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Hi Jim,

I pretty much always add this code to my books to avoid that exact thing! I think the default is that the tables want to keep as many rows together as possible, but it does often leave some awkward spaces. I add this to the Custom CSS for PDF exports:

table, tr, th {
  page-break-inside: auto; }

If you are getting too many breaks within actual rows, you can remove the “tr, th” and see if that is better. Hope this helps!


That worked! Thanks, Allison! :slightly_smiling_face: