Theme recommendation?

We’re attempting to set up Pressbooks on a new WordPress multiuser site, and we’re having theme issues (appears to be CSS errors). We haven’t been able to get the book editing screen to load properly. Does anyone have a theme recommendation? Thank you.

Can you give us some more details? What errors are you getting? What version of Pressbooks do you have installed, and what themes (and versions) do you have installed? No matter which theme you decided to use, you need to have the latest version of McLuhan installed (at the moment, that’s

Hi… We’re running Pressbooks 4.9.5 (that’s what it says at the bottom of the screen), although the plugin page says 5.2.1. We have McLuhan 2.2.1, Aldine 1.2.1, Twenty Fifteen 1.9, Twenty Seventeen 1.4, Twenty Sixteen 1.4, along with Open Textbooks 2.1.2, Textbooks for Pressbooks v4.0.3, and we’ve installed H5P 1.10.1.

When I click to begin creating a book, I get a screen with large icons and Times Roman text and links with the Pressbooks logo displaying at the top.

Can you share a screenshot? To be clear, this sounds like a configuration problem, not an issue with the theme.

Certainly! The attached has been reduced in size quite a bit. It could very well be a configuration problem. We’re all newbies to WordPress and Pressbooks where we work.

Are you using an Apache server? Is the .htaccess file configured properly for your multisite installation?

Also, did you download the packaged releases of all plugins and themes? Are you seeing any error messages on the dashboard?

It’s IIS, and we believe the rewrites are configured properly. Our staff used the packages from their instructions. On the “My Books” page, when you click on the Dashboard link for a book, it says: The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Thanks for any pointers you can provide!

I’ve never used IIS, and this is the first time we’ve heard of anyone using it for Pressbooks. Unfortunately I probably won’t be much help here.

Rut roh… Thanks for letting me know. I’ll see if my group feels like starting over. :slight_smile:

Apache is pretty standard for WordPress. Internally at Pressbooks we use Nginx (via the Trellis stack). Most users in the forum (and the core dev team, including myself) can certainly help more easily with either of those!

Well, the IT guys didn’t act too mad when I asked if they could start over. They just said I need to provide specific instructions for what is needed to successfully get it up and running (we want to integrate WP-PB with our Moodle server). Can you point me to the best resource that spells out what’s needed for a WP Multisite that hosts Pressbooks and how it should be configured? Thanks so much.

A standard LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) server works well. We require PHP 7. If you have these requirements in place, you should be able to follow the instructions at to get everything set up.