Theme book sugestions

  1. Maybe we could have a way to open all the TOC and to close it. In the side bar and also in the cover page.

Books with big number of parts, require such option
( I did like it the TOC of the cover page in the old theme, it was big but easy to read. All the information in one screen thanks to the 3 colums, but now we can have bigger titles…yes)

Take a look my book:

  1. Two-Level TOC is something complicate to understand if w do not read the documentation, maybe we can write that information in a different way:

Enable two-level table of contents (displays the headings of Chapters and Parts under chapter titles)

something like that

I can not find how to activate the creative commons license, what should I do?

Also, if the Copyright Notice is too long, we have a too big space in the footer. Maybe we can open that in a new page and to show just a short version.

Take a look the example:

Is a way to personalice the footer in your roadmap? or we have to do it in our child theme?

About widgets. Do you have something in your mind for the Book theme?

Next call maybe is a good idea to speak about your ideas for the themes, in order to be able to decided what to do in our child or if we can help with something.

I can not find how to activate the creative commons license, what should I do?

Put this at the very bottom of pressbooks.php, refresh the book.

if ( \Pressbooks\Book::isBook() ) {
	add_action( 'init', function () {
	} );

Look here:

Did it insert the licenses? If yes, then remove that line of code. If no, I would like more info.

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Your book has slugs that should have been deleted:

type-1, type-2, type-3, type-4, type-5 should have been deleted by \Pressbooks\Taxonomy::upgradeChapterTypes, triggered by: \Pressbooks\Taxonomy::maybeUpgrade()

In that function I put this code comment (several months ago):

    // TODO:
    // Once upon a time we were updating 'pressbooks_taxonomy_version' with Metadata::VERSION instead of Taxonomy::VERSION
    // Some books might be in a weird state (bug?)

I predicted the future? :frowning:

I’m going make a pull request that sets pressbooks_taxonomy_version back to zero when upgrading to PB5.

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it works. thanks

Great. Please remove the code. :slight_smile:


maybe in the chapters and parts, instead of Read, Start?

That would violate the “Consistent Identification” principle of the WCAG:

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If i´m not wrong, in the past we had a buttom in the header like: view chapter, so we can see the front end of the content.

Now, just if we save. Is a new approach?

so, now the way we see the content in front end, is with the permalink?

I have a problem with the content.

in front end, sometimes, a paragraph start with indentation

that is how we did create in the back end.


but the sentence has nothing special. Before the update, it was normal.

What theme is this? Try changing this setting and see if it has any impact on the webbook:


If not, it’s a bug and I will fix it.

I will try. thanks. I think, as some other weids situations happen with the content. Some times, it just take to open the page and to save it again to fix some issues with the style.


We can increase the font size, but if we change the page, the content is tiny again. Maybe for registered users, we could have the possibility to have the font bigger. So is not necesary to increase the font again and again each time we change the page.

Or for all the users with cookies… maybe.

maybe we can help with that

If it’s not saving, that’s a bug—it should save a cookie.


This isn’t really an issue with the book theme but with Pressbooks. Thanks for pointing it out. Appears to be a change in core WordPress:

Edit: Looks like this was changed 2 years ago?

I mean, take a look the header.

Old pressbooks installation with View page in the top - right

Current wordpress installation with View page in the top - right

Current PressBooks intallation, View page buttom in the header is not longer available. So, is a decision for simplification of the page?

Okay, thanks for clarifying. I couldn’t compare the menu bar in your original screenshots so I was missing the context.

[Edit] Issue:

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The footer redbar is not in the center of the browser. Is in the center of the screen, but as the browser have the scroll bar, is not in the true center. The true center is the px of the screen - the px of the scroolbar maybe.

the white center line is a few px in the right side. The true center is in the same place as the | black line in the left of the 0,82s

Also the next section have less space in the right than previous section in the left

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