The source url of the chapter should be stored on the cloned chapter

When cloning a whole book, the url of the source book is written to the new book. If activated in the webbook options, i can later compare the chapters of the cloned book with the chapters of the source book. The comparison feature is a very powerfull feature to check for changes in the source and update the clone appropriately.

If I use the cloning feature to clone selected chapters from different source books into a target book, I think the comparison tool breaks, as the source url is not stored on the chapter but only on the book. In a mixing scenario, this makes it impossible to technically know, where the chapter originates from and to technically check for changes in the original file.

I think to „fix/change“ this, the source url of the chapter should be stored on the cloned chapter and the comparison tool should use the source url stored with the chapter.

Is this a bug or a new feature?

Hi @t.dumm that sounds like a bug to me, but I suppose it could also be considered a new feature, since it doesn’t yet exists in Pressbooks. In either case, I agree that importing specific chapters using the PB import/cloning tool should preserve and display the source of the original by default if possible. Would make complying with attribution requirements of CC licenses much easier. You’re welcome to file it in the Pressbooks GitHub repo here: Issues · pressbooks/pressbooks · GitHub?

I have created When cloning a chapter into an existing book, the URL of the source chapter is not stored in the metadata of the cloned chapter · Issue #3707 · pressbooks/pressbooks · GitHub

The more existing content is reused, the more it becomes difficult to correctly declare the origin of contents and to keep cloned content up to date when the source is updated as the show differences tool does not work.