The search of the theme, search to much


Take a look, if a search the letter a, I could believe some pages with the letter A will be as the resoult, but instead of that, all the pages of the site are as a resoult. Even some wrong pages


If you search for a single letter, any page with that letter in the title or content will be returned. Try this on any WordPress site.


For example:


Yes, but some of our pages are just for editors or administrators. to show the Book info page, buy page or acces denied makes strange the resoult page.

Maybe we could exclude the pages that are not chapters or parts and to make easy to uderstand the resoult.


Thanks for clarifying. Book information should definitely be excluded. As for the other pages, my hope is to remove them altogether in a future update and use endpoints to display the content that currently appears on them.



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