Text tab "jump/scroll" after Return

We are seeing a strange Text tab reaction that seems to happen when you add a Return/Enter at the end of a line of text. The interface scrolls your current cursor location off screen to the top. It’s fairly easy to recover from this by holding down Shift and hitting your keyboard’s Up Arrow key which selects the line of text above your location and recenters your cursor location on your screen, so it’s a nuisance issue; but it took me a couple months to find the consistency in the issue and the Shift/Up Arrow solution. I work in PB pretty much daily, so it only annoys me :slight_smile: but when our next cohort of faculty start working in PB, I know it will be a problem.

Has anyone seen/heard of this? I couldn’t find any similar topics. If so, is there a solution?

Mac Catalina, Chrome; Win 7 (I know…) Chrome


Hi @obahama
I haven’t heard of or seen this before. Can you send a message with screenshot or even better narrated video to our premium support account?

I have my video, but I don’t know where your premium support account is. Please advise. thnx

It’s not a public email address (available to network managers at EDU clients only), so I just sent it to you via DM.